Technology Research & Development

Our R&D team is in charge of the online teaching & learning platform. It's very exciting and cutting edge work, and you get to see its impact on the end users quickly. We have openings for new college grads (a.k.a freshers) as well as for experienced developers.

Click here to read the original job description and watch the job video below. That basically sums up the job requirements for freshers. Read on for more information.

Life at Research & Development Team

To be a good fit in Software R&D at VEPL, what characteristics might you possess?
  • You are an inventor at heart, with an intense desire to make a great product that will change people's lives. You are creative and passionate about innovation - you love to come up with out-of-the-box solutions, and you turn them into reality by your focus, persistence and commitment to quality.
  • During your school and college days, you were considered a Star Programmer by your classmates and teachers. You enjoyed conducting or winning programming and debugging contests.
  • If you're a fresher, you do a lot of programming projects on the side - above and beyond the requirements of your university syllabus. If you're a working software professional and your current responsibilities are monotonous and not in sync with the level of impact you wish to make, you're takng the initiative to learn new technologies or do a pet project in your spare time.
  • You love reading about people who made legendary contributions in the software and hi-tech industry. (You may also have a long and growing secret list of cool software applications which you'd develop in future and thus become a legend yourself.)
What about Programming languages and technical skills?
  • Basically, far more than the number of programming languages and alphabet soups (C, C++, C#, C%(we made that one up), ASP.NET, PHP, SOAP, SQL,...) you are fluent in, what matters is your ability to solve problems, and solve them in ways that are fast, robust, and scalable. So if you're a fresher, as long as you are good in 1 or 2 programming languages and you know a bit about databases and systems, you'll be fine. Experienced developers must bring in architectural thinking and project leadership skills as well.
  • If you're really interested in the technologies we use, our development platform is open source
    • Front end coding mostly comprises mobile and web applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, J2ME, Flash, etc).
    • Server side code (Java, J2EE, PHP, etc).
    • Our database is MySQL.
    • NOTE: As we scale, we're constantly exploring newer technologies. So if you come on board and try to convince us why we should be using a different framework, you just might get away with it.
What else can you expect in R&D @ VEPL?
  • You will be exposed to the complete software life cycle of product creation, from Gathering Requirements, Design, Architecture, Programming, Testing all the way to final end-user deployment. Requirements get written right in front of you and the end-users' bouquets or boos will often be delivered right to you.
  • There's scope to explore and use several areas of Computer Science such as Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge Modeling, Algorithm Design, Visualization, Analytics, Data Warehousing and User Interface design. Interest in, or exposure to fields such as Cognitive Psychology, Pedagogy, Instruction Design, etc would be a great plus.
  • You'll have the opportunity to communicate and work closely with with members of diverse teams such as Content authors and editors, Instruction Design experts, Teachers, Product Management, Sales, etc. So it helps if you are articulate and open-minded, and have strong team building, listening, communication and collaborative skills.
Various roles at R & D
How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject line "I want to be a Software Innovator" and tell us why you'd be a great fit. Along with your resume, please include descriptions of your programming projects and links to code samples.