A job for freshers seeking a corporate career in sales, business and gaining customers

If you enjoy working with People more than Machines or Code...
If you understand "Business" better than you understand "Engineering"...

then Graduate Sales Trainee (GST) is a job opportunity that is a stepping stone into the world of sales, customers and business. A corporate, professional role with intensive training in selling and customer acquiring skills. A job that does not require outdoor work or travel ("Inside Sales"). A job that is executed from a modern office with advanced customer relationship management tools.

The starting point of a promising career that depends more on your talents and skills than on your degree.

Job Openings
Function / Designation Graduate Sales Trainee (GST)
Job Role*/Key activity Inside Sales/Online Customer Acquisition
Target Annual CTC*** 4.2 LPA**
You fit this role if you are: Business Oriented,Persuasive,
Target Focused,Aggressive,
Quick at Adapting,Disciplined,
Ambitious and
Can turn "No" to "Yes".

* Job Roles are based in Chennai and do not require any travel.
** upon successful completion of training and probation.
*** CTC includes performance incentives.

About the company

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Selection Process

Selection Process will consist of online tests, two rounds of interviews, evaluation of past achievements and reference checks. Extensive Training & Development is a part of the probation period, which is for 6 months. Graduate Sales Trainee role has strong, progressive organizational career growth paths for good performers, a brief part of it is explained below under the head career path.

What would you Sell

Career Path - What happens after selection