GREedge (, leading provider of GRE Training programs online, seeks a Verbal Reasoning & English Language Specialist as a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Founded and managed by graduates of IIT, GREedge has become a leading education brand in a short period and has found acceptance and customership from tens of thousands of students across India and globally for its paid programs. Students of GREedge online Academy have achieved higher scores in relative proportion than most other classes or institutes. Use of Millisecond Monitoring Technology has greatly helped in delivering personalized learning experiences. Further, GREedge is the only provider to offer score improvement guarantees with full money-back for some of its programs. This is a mark of maturity and confidence in the technological and pedagogical capabilities.

Selected Candidates will serve as key expertise providers and resources in a corporate work environment focussed on delivering high-quality learning experiences online thru' research, technology, and excellence in the service delivery model.

An ideal candidate must have the following:

  • Skills and abilities in content development, lesson development, writing, communication, and editing.
  • Conceptual understanding of how students learn should be top notch, specifically in the areas of verbal reasoning, and language learning.
  • A deep love of teaching and an unending curiosity for the magnificent process of human learning is quite desirable.
  • Exposure to normal computer applications, basic mathematics, logical reasoning and exposure to wide reading in social and other sciences would be valuable additional skills.
  • Experience as a professor or lecturer in a college or as an editor for a high-quality wide circulation academic journal, text-book, or publication would be a plus.
  • Ability to engage in close collaboration with multiple types of people including Student Facilitators, Teachers, Authors, Editors, Product Developers, Software Developers and designers in a small, young, growing company environment is something that the candidate can look forward to.
  • Preferably have a PhD or M.Phil or other advanced degrees in English - specialising in English Language Teaching, Linguistics, or Literature.

GREedge believes in highly disciplined, systematic approach to the problems of teaching and learning at highest quality to the widest variety of students. This is an emerging area of science and technology and as a pioneer and innovator in this field; the company looks forward to bigger goals in the realm of educating the young people of India at the best quality without rejecting any student based on their academic proficiency or background. Every student should be able to attain their dream to the highest level possible thru' their effort and some help - wherever they are and whatever their current level of mastery. This can be achieved through the development of appropriate online technologies and methods of teaching- That is the ultimate goal of GREedge and its parent company - Valued Epistemics

C.T.C: The compensation is competitive and will be commensurate with the candidate's expertise and experience.

Are you interested in joining our team?

Please write an email to with the subject line "Subject Matter Expert" with your updated resume.

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