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News of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010 broke on Twitter a full 27 minutes before any of the television networks picked it up.

A Facebook page was one of the prime catalysts in the 2011 pro-democracy uprising at Tahrir Square, Egypt.

Proof that online media is no longer an afterthought in Journalism, especially when it comes to breaking news stories in real time.

For an Online Product Journalist, this is like "all in a day's work".

Being an Online Product Journalist will not get you the Pulitzer.

However, it will give you the power to transform people, not just inform them. It will give you the joy of helping customers make better choices to fulfill their needs. Maybe it'll even make you rich, if your evangelism creates the right impact on the market.

You choose!

Job Description

The Online Product Journalist is in charge of communicating a brand and a product to its customers through various online media.

Any vibrant, innovative product creates a variety of experiences and stories regarding its usage, benefits and challenges for all its stakeholders. Recognizing an angle and developing this information into a story worth telling the customers is the core requirement of the job.

The objective is to build a strong relationship with the customer base and the market through successful product journalism.

A modern day product comes to life through multiple touch-points throughout the life-cycle of the customer.

These could include a website, a blog, a mobile application or a special purpose online app, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, an iDevice or even a YouTube video.

Or anything else that could come up new in future. The Product Journalist manages these touch-points from the point of view of communication, quality of content and community participation.

Staying on top of brand coordinates, customer stories and experiences, product usage data and statistics, product innovations and new features and systematically communicating them to current and potential users of the product in an engaging and participative fashion is the essence of this job.

Desired Skills & Competencies:
  • Impeccable communication skills, especially in writing. Ability to write clear, concise and correct English with a persuasive spin.
  • Web savvy and familiarity with Web 2.0 avenues like social media, online communities, blogs etc.
  • Proficiency in crafts such as copywriting, video making and editing, scripting & directing.
  • Investigative and research oriented nature for gathering the necessary information.
  • Quick learner, self motivated and able to multi task on multiple projects efficiently.
  • Discipline and Timeliness.
  • Ability to work in team mode with people of diverse backgrounds and skills.
  • Responsiveness and sensitivity to target audience.
  • Sensitivity to business goals and requirements.
  • Most importantly, a passion for telling enrapturing stories that turn prospects into customers and customers in product evangelists, a la Steve Jobs.
Desired Qualification

A Degree or a Diploma in Journalism/Mass Communication/English Literature.

An MBA in Marketing would be good to have but not mandatory.

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For further queries please email with the subject 'I want to be an Online Product Journalist'.

Selection is through a test, review of documents and projects/portfolio, and two rounds of interviews.

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