Valued Epistemics Private Limited

VEPL's purpose is to deliver extraordinary learning experiences, to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

VEPL provides fee-based professional consulting and advisory services to working professionals and aspiring professionals. The service is enabled by an interactive publishing software platform which collects and analyses scientific behavioral parameters online. The platform was developed through in-house R&D over a period of five years.

The dictionary defines "epistemics" as the scientific study of knowledge. At Valued Epistemics Private Limited (VEPL), we're adding value to epistemics, hence our motto, Making Knowledge Useful. By combining a powerful online learning platform with a bright and dedicated team of teachers, we enable thousands of students to learn in ways that are effective, engaging, and uniquely memorable.

At VEPL, we constantly innovate on our technology and service, and personalize them to the needs and strengths of each student. This ensures that our students can learn whenever they want, and yet feel as if a teacher were present with them....thereby making knowledge useful.